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Sport Business AG

Sport Business AG mainly operates in the sports management, personnel management and event management sectors.

Sports management
Sport Business AG’s main focus has been on golf since 2005. In addition to training golf course staff, it also focuses on the professional management of golf courses and developing new 9-hole golf course projects. Furthermore, Sport Business AG carries out golf course classification for the Bundesverband Golfanlagen e.V. and assesses golf courses according to their facilities and offers.

Personnel management
In this area, Sport Business AG offers training to become a greenkeeper, golf business director and marshal/ranger.

In addition to this, Sport Business AG also works in the field of sports consulting. Here,  it is committed to the motto “Top performances from professionals for professionals...” These services are based on a six-pillar model:

  • Consulting (career management)
  • Planning (career management)
  • Training (personal development)
  • Contract-consulting (classic player consulting)
  • Marketing (classic player consulting)
  • Life planning (life consulting)

Sporting success depends on numerous factors. What is crucial above all is talent, determination and passion. However, extensive support throughout the professional’s career and life by professionals who allow the athlete to concentrate on what’s important, their best sporting performance, is no less important.

This is where Sport Business AG’s philosophy comes in. It offers athletes all expertise from one source – from classic career management to the accompanying promotion of professional prospects for when their sporting career is over to assistance with financial, tax and legal issues.

Sport Business AG’s business is guided by the principle of “ADVISE, DON’T PATRONIZE”. Sports Business AG sees its job as being an approachable partner and, above all, a critical friend who prepares the facts for the athletes to make a decision on and highlights the possible consequences of their decision so that they are able to choose the right path for their career and life themselves.

Event management

The firm mainly organizes golf events that are actually perceived as events by the client. In doing so, Sport Business AG tries to constantly surprise clients by avoiding standard programs. Sponsor presentations can be smoothly and unobtrusively integrated into the process.