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We would also be happy to assist you with tax law issues that are not exactly run of the mill. The preparation of inheritance and gift tax returns is, of course part, of our range of services.

Do you have small or large assets that you would like to pass on without having to pay more tax than necessary? We would be happy to advise you on the tax structure for your private succession plan. This can be done during your lifetime as part of an anticipated inheritance or using the appropriate decrees that only become effective upon your death. At the same time, tax law is not everything, it’s just as important to know what the exact civil law consequences are and to document your wishes in writing and effectively. Here, we can use the expertise of attorneys and specialist attorneys at our cooperation partner, Schlatter’s law firm, and therefore advise you comprehensively on these issues.

We support you with all tax structure considerations; for example, if it is necessary to set up a second residence due to your job or if you are acquiring or selling assets.

Our knowledge does not stop at the border though. In fact, planned professional stays abroad or acquiring or selling assets, for example a property abroad, require the careful weighing up of all options to avoid any tax pitfalls.

Have you been poorly advised in the past and have mistakes been made? We can help you to get back on the right track and support you in voluntarily reporting false or incomplete tax declarations to the tax authorities. If required, we are also supported by specialists from Schlatter’s law firm.

You can rely on us for business issues, for example financing your own home or leasing a specific property.

We can also scrutinize your current situation, look for improvement potential and advise you on tax planning and tax optimization.

In many areas of life, tax payments can be reduced with early planning – simply talk to us in good time before implementing your plans. Involve us in the planning!

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