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The easiest way to do your tax return

It is announced every year but when will it finally arrive – the great simplification of the tax code? Until then, we can help you!

Providing comprehensive consulting services to our clients on all tax matters is one of our main activities. We offer our clients professional and up-to-date tax consulting against a background of increasing complexity and constantly changing tax legislation and internationalization of the economy as a whole.

We take on the preparation of tax returns for individuals – from students to employees to pensioners and also for landlords and capital investors. Temporary work abroad or a let property in another country are also part of our services.

We check your tax assessment and even assert your rights in an objection procedure or by filing an action with the financial courts.

We ensure clients are up-to-date on all the current developments in tax law by keeping them regularly informed.

We are always there to listen and support and assist you if you have any questions on ongoing tax issues.

WSB Wolf Beckerbauer Hummel + Partner: Christiane Reinhold (Partner)

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