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Consulting services for healthcare professions – Targeted advice for successful practice

The Federal Republic of Germany’s healthcare system has been subject to constant change over the last few years. There is hardly any other sector that has had to accept and respond to so many fundamental changes to its statutory framework conditions.

Declining physicians’ fees in many specialist fields and, at the same time, constant increases in practice costs lead to successful practice management no longer just being dependent on expertise in your field but business management and tax knowledge also being essential. This challenge has to be met.

Based on our many years of experience in the area of healthcare professions, we offer first-class tailored consulting services.

We have specialized in consulting services to meet the requirements and concerns of the healthcare professions as one of our key activities. We offer our clients individual and tailored business management and tax law solutions for private individuals or companies. We focus totally on holistic consulting.

In addition to our range of services, such as financial accounting, payroll accounting and preparing annual financial statements, we also offer you other specific services:

  • Holistic concepts taking your personal and self-employed goals and projects into consideration
  • Sales and earnings plans as well as liquidity analysis
  • Consulting on sales tax and municipal trade tax issues in the healthcare sector
  • Start-up advice
  • Taking on partners, handovers, sales
  • Practice expansion
  • Medical forms of cooperation (joint practice, group practice, apparatus sharing, medical service center, interregional clinical practice)
  • Ongoing tax reserve calculations
  • Practice and sector comparisons
  • Preparation of business appraisals specifically and individually for healthcare professions
Nadine Rhode/Sabrina Krennrich-Böhm: Betriebswirtschaftliche Problemstellungen für Apotheker*innen

Betriebswirtschaftliche Problemstellungen für Apotheker*innen
Dieses Buch vermittelt branchenbezogenes betriebswirtschaftliches Basiswissen als Grundvoraussetzung für eine erfolgreiche Apothekenführung.
(Nadine Rhode, Sabrina Krennrich-Böhm) Erscheinungstermin Januar 2020

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