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Consulting and reporting with international expertise

Even after actively crossing the border, inbound or outbound, ongoing consulting services, monitoring and informative reports are crucial for the cross-border relationship to be successful in the long-term.

For parent companies based abroad, we, in cooperation with our local partners there, prepare reports for abroad based on their requirements or on templates prepared by us, which are in accordance with the valid national regulations (local gaap and foreign national gaap) and, in the case of tax reports, in compliance with the respective valid tax law regulations.

For domestic parent companies or entrepreneurs who are developing business activities abroad, hands-on management and knowledge about the processes abroad are at least as important as the local company’s ongoing reporting. It is also important to be informed early on about any existing or threatening legal developments abroad.

Together with our network partners, we support entrepreneurs in meeting the basic obligations of international business and developing further as part of an ongoing process.

This also includes tax law topics, for example transfer pricing documentation and alignment with the respective local national tax laws.

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