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Inbound: for a good start in a new country

Companies based abroad or multinational corporations financially invest in Germany specifically by purchasing a company based in Germany, operating factories or founding their own unit. We take you through the process from decision making to implementation to sustainably supporting your venture.

In the case of new foundations, we offer you the following services:

  • Selecting the best tax structure
  • Selecting an advantageous legal form in Germany taking the company’s chosen structure and objectives into account
  • Support in preparing a business plan (e.g. for banks or other investors/equity providers)
  • Support in founding the corporate structure in Germany (coordination of attorneys, notaries, commercial register etc.)
  • Support in preparing suitable articles of association for the German company
  • Domiciling the new company, also combined with assistance in finding the perfect location
  • Support for compliance with public reporting and registration obligations

Company acquisition in Germany (transaction support)

Here, we have a competent acquisition team (transaction specialists, auditors, tax consultants, attorneys) to support you, guaranteeing a successful transaction and efficient process including due diligence and appraisal model.

If you have not yet identified your target company, we can assist you with various expertise in the search and selection process.

Our range of transaction services – from one source:

  • Search for suitable target companies
  • Design of suitable selection process
  • Preparation and presentation of scouting results (long list to short list)

Full support with the acquisition transaction

  • Establishment of a suitable non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
  • Preparation of a term sheet/Letter of Intent (LOI)
  • Carrying out the due diligence process with reporting
  • Preparation of an appraisal model in accordance with all relevant appraisal procedures
  • Conducting or supporting price negotiations in line with customary practices
  • Support with the purchase contract drafting (SPA) through to signing and closing
  • Support with the post-merger integration; establishment of reporting structures, etc.
  • Mediation with cultural differences between parent company and subsidiaries
  • Support (internal) or completion (external) of all reporting, accounting, auditing and tax return requirements.

Outbound: your partner abroad

In cooperation with our network partners in more than 120 countries all over the world, we can also work for you outside Germany.

As professionals we can only advise according to local national law and it is therefore important to us to have suitable partners for your challenges abroad and to assess and, if necessary, organize all the steps for crossing the border beforehand in accordance with German tax law and the destination country’s tax law as well as the respective interfaces.

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