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Comprehensive competence for staff and companies

Payroll accounting used to be a marginal service within the portfolio of company requirements; nowadays correct and prompt payroll accounting is one of the tax consultant’s most complicated and complex tasks.

Today, payroll accounting can and should only be professionally and responsibly prepared by specially qualified and regularly trained experts. Its complexity mainly lies in the variety of the areas concerned, in particular payroll tax law, social security law and labor law.

At our firm, we have a team of specially qualified staff that concentrate on all the payroll services and work almost exclusively for our clients in this field. As part of these services, we also support them with internal payroll audits and social security audits and try to manage and complete these for the company as smoothly and stress-free as possible. Our payroll team is in constant contact with the respective financial accounting colleagues so that, for example, a change in company car can also be registered and taken into account in payroll accounting without needing any reference from the client.

Our range of services in detail:

The payroll activities mainly include

  • Producing payroll statements
  • Preparing and sending the relevant reports to the tax office, social security agency and other institutions
  • Managing payroll accounts
  • Setting up certificates
  • Advice about difficult tax matters, such as mini jobs, midi jobs, company pension schemes, tax-free compensation, benefits in kind, non-cash benefits etc.
  • Advice on net wage optimization for staff
  • Support during audits by financial authorities and social security agencies

We provide our services using the current DATEV software versions. We also use “Unternehmen Online” and “Arbeitnehmer Online” to facilitate the work between the tax consultant and company.

Here are a few selected services in this context:

  • Business appraisals
  • Financial and economic due diligence
  • Corporate financial advice, specifically transaction consulting on behalf of the purchaser or vendor
  • Tax structures for corporate transactions
  • Post-merger integration
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