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Company hallmark

Professional financial accounting is the company’s hallmark in its contact with financial authorities and banks and gives entrepreneurs an up-to-date picture of their business situation.

Professional accounting includes the complete recording and correct entering into the books of all business transactions in a certain period. In addition, it is the basis for commercial, tax and, above all, business statements about the company. It is the basis for every single business decision.

We do not see financial accounting as a means for preparing advance returns for tax on sales but as a key role in a company’s management and internal and external reporting.

Our staff are also trained to correctly enter extraordinary business transactions in the books to achieve an informative overview in the monthly financial accounts. This includes, for example, entering ongoing amortization and the monthly accruals from periodic operating expenses. We place just as much importance on the ongoing entering of changes in inventories for finished and unfinished products and services, as these have an important influence on the company’s overall picture.

Our range of services in detail:

  • Ongoing financial accounting services for clients
  • Developing concepts for accounting, reporting and internal controlling
  • Reporting and controlling activities on behalf of clients who do their own bookkeeping

On request, the financial accounting results can be analyzed and processed using other different instruments, for example by

  • Combining them with informative cost accounting
  • Receivables management using OPOS, from a simple list to overview of maturities and automated dunning
  • Support with business payments
  • Balance sheet analysis using the most important key performance indicators

We provide our services using the current DATEV software versions. We also use “Unternehmen Online” to facilitate the work between the tax consultant and company.

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