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Getting a grip on costs

Cost accounting is a comprehensive control and coordination concept to support management. It is the basis of all relevant business decisions. The requirements for the cost accounting system derived from this are, on the one hand, to guarantee profitability and, on the other hand, to act as a warning system that provides the management with information early on, if profitability is at risk.

Introducing a cost accounting system is often associated with high costs and could scarcely be found in small and medium-sized enterprises for a long time. Latest developments show that small and medium-sized enterprises are learning to appreciate the benefits of this controlling instrument more and more. Here, it is important to correctly estimate the costs and benefits to keep the additional burden as low as possible.

Starting with the business analysis, we, in collaboration with you, identify the costs and benefits accrued by the actual business purpose. The aim is to transfer as much information as possible from financial accounting. The next step is to identify the origin of the costs and benefits and define the parts of the business that they can be allocated to.

In addition, we advise and support you with the planning and strategy development, to integrate the system into the business process. We would also be happy to support you with the implementation process.

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