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Corporate planning including finance and liquidity planning – Financing the future according to plan

Corporate planning is one of the most important management tasks. Efficient corporate management is practically impossible without it. Corporate planning takes future changes into account and analyzes to what extent they will have an impact on the company’s profit or liquidity. Sound business decisions can only be made on the basis of such knowledge.

Together with our clients, we prepare a profitability and liquidity forecast for the next few years and highlight possible financial shortfalls that can, in turn, be eliminated by financial planning built on this. The plans prepared for you are of course geared closely towards your corporate targets. In addition, we prepare forecast balance sheets for you on request as well as budget, profit and loss calculations and carry out actual/target analyses.

We provide you with security and a better overview of your company. As a result, you can monitor the set targets and projects better and take countermeasures, if required.

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