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For the challenges companies face

For entrepreneurs from entrepreneurs – we understand what our clients need and speak the same language.

We have been providing services for our clients for over 60 years. During this time, we have been able to achieve a great deal and gain extensive valuable experience together with our clients. That’s why you will find in us a partner who speaks the language of entrepreneurs and knows their challenges, risks and opportunities, addresses them and can find and implement solutions together with them.

Providing comprehensive consulting services to our clients on all tax matters is one of our main activities. We offer our clients, which are mainly small to medium-sized enterprises and private individuals, professional and up-to-date tax consulting against a background of increasing complexity and constantly changing tax legislation and internationalization of the economy as a whole.

We provide the range of services that we offer our business clients in an integrated way, i.e. financial accounting and payroll accounting are linked to each other and constantly share information. In the same way, the continuous exchange of information is also guaranteed between accounting, annual financial statements and tax returns. For quality assurance purposes, we have placed financial accounting, payroll accounting and annual financial statements/taxes in the special hands of appropriately and highly qualified staff.