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The self-directed approach

In addition to a transparent, structured process the concept of business mediation is based on the following basic principles:

  • The principle of voluntariness
    Both parties participate in the mediation process voluntarily. Mediation can also be terminated at any time. 

  • A confidential process
    The cases are always treated confidentially. Both the mediator and the parties commit to confidentiality.

  • The parties’ personal responsibility
    The parties develop their solutions independently and are supported and assisted during the process by the mediator.

  • A neutral mediator
    The mediator supports those involved in the problem-solving process. He is, nevertheless, required to remain neutral at all times and may not favor or penalize a party. The mediator’s own opinions and ideas do not play a role.

  • Impartiality and full information
    The aim of this principle is to consider the interests of those involved. For this purpose, they must be informed about all facts that are significant during the course of the resolution process. The parties have to be truthfully presented with all the relevant information in full.
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