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Win-win conflict resolution

We would like to outline the advantages of mediation compared to legal proceedings in just a few points:

  • Time saving
    Legal proceedings generally require several months. In some cases though, they can even last several years. The parties are unclear about the outcome of the process as there is often a lack of opportunity to have a direct influence. The mediation process, by contrast, only requires a few weeks in most cases, sometimes a solution can even be found in one day.

  • Win-win situation
    Solutions that are worked out during mediation represent win-win situations as they are tailored to the needs and problems of those concerned and can satisfy both parties in most cases. 

  • Confidentiality
    In contrast to public legal proceedings, mediation is strictly confidential. Emotions, business secrets and details about the negotiations are treated with confidentiality so that no third parties obtain knowledge about the content of the mediation.

  • Maintaining and strengthening relationships
    As the principle of mediation usually manages to satisfy both parties, even problems that have existed for many years can generally be resolved. Previous good relationships can be restored and permanently strengthened both privately and professionally. 

  • A voluntary process
    The people involved decide voluntarily whether they want to take part in a mediation process. The process can be terminated at any time and without specifying any reasons.

  • Cost savings
    Mediation sets itself apart not least due to its considerably cheaper cost structure compared to legal proceedings. The mediation costs are calculated according to the mediator’s agreed hourly rates and are met equally by both sides. If legal counsel was already involved beforehand, these costs have to be met by the respective parties themselves.
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