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Conflict resolution in all areas

The application areas for mediation can be grouped into different topic areas.

You can expect professional advice and support from us in the following areas:

  • General business mediation
    Staff commitment is of crucial importance for a company’s success. It is not uncommon for motivation to decline when disputes and disagreements build up between business partners and competitors. Mediation often manages to successfully rebuild partnerships and even prevent conflicts from arising.

  • Succession planning for businesses
    It is not uncommon for disagreements to arise between the surviving dependents when the previous company owner dies. However, disputes can even arise regarding succession planning beforehand. Mediation can help settle disputes and have a preventive effect in these areas.

  • Labor law / Corporate law / Corporate restructuring
    Whether it is arising or existing disputes between partners, internal conflicts between the works’ council and management, disagreements between employees and the works’ council or even complicated problems during corporate restructuring: supportive mediation can simplify the necessary implementation processes in these issues as we.
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