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SME consulting without borders

Globalization and the internationalization of business relationships have long since become just as much a challenge for small and medium-sized enterprises as for large corporations. And therefore also for us as your advisors!

We are familiar with our clients' interests, questions, concerns and opportunities and see ourselves as their partners. We have also built up years of experience advising clients on inbound and outbound matters, i.e. with regards to a business coming to Germany (when foreign shareholders set up a business in Germany) and when German companies set up operations in other European countries or even further afield. We know the tax opportunities and risks inherent in cross-border business operations and work closely with our colleagues in the relevant countries in the interests of our clients. Our membership in the GGI, the alliance of independent partner firms in tax, legal and accounting practice, guarantees that we can work with international colleagues all over the world.

At WSB International Tax GmbH we not only support and advise on cross-border matters but we also advise international groups of companies and organizational structures in an international context. This includes, for example, preparing transfer price documentation and guidelines (transfer pricing studies), continuously supporting growing and changing corporate structures and the associated ongoing adaptation of transfer pricing documentation.

We also support international companies with group reporting for divisions based in Germany reporting to the parent company. In this process, the client’s reporting scheme is adopted, if available, or a scheme is prepared in collaboration with the client. We report in accordance with both the German Commercial Code (HGB - local gaap) and the IAS, US-GAAP and other recognized or required standards.

In cooperation with WSB Treuhand GmbH or external auditing firms, we also support with local annual audits for affiliated corporations.

You can find WSB International Tax GmbH at the Heidelberg location.