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WSB Wolf Beckerbauer Hummel + Partner: Jochen Hummel (Partner)


Economics graduate

Jochen Hummel

Tax consultant, consultant for international tax law

Born 1970

Study of Economics, University of Heidelberg

since 1992
Staff member with partnership, part-time at first, then tax consulting assistant and management assistant after studies completed in autumn 1996

Appointed as tax consultant and joined as partner

Opening of another new firm location in Heidelberg-Weststadt and responsibility for management

Appointed as consultant for international tax law

  • Tax planning for individuals and companies, tax returns, preparation of annual financial statements
  • Interdisciplinary client support, conceptual and strategic corporate consulting.
  • Support with the implementation of internal structural changes and restructuring (including reorganization measures)
  • Support with the preparation and implementation of business management and reporting tools.
  • International tax law: Client support with inbound and outbound cases; support by coordinating with foreign cooperation partners for businesses moving from Germany abroad; as well as support for foreign companies settling or buying a business in Germany. Tax support for private individuals moving away.
  • Transaction consulting: all kinds of business transactions within Germany and abroad, coordinating all parties involved.
  • Tax law lecturer (without tenure) at Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University in Mannheim;
  • Supervisory Board activity for various medium-sized companies;
  • Voluntary Chair of the Executive Board for Integra e.V., Walldorf.

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